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Ultrasonic Bath (Sonicator) with Chillers

Ultrasonic Bath with cooling facility specially for Pharma Application

Application of Ultrasonic Bath in Laboratory :
  • Laboratory : For Glassware, Filters Cleaning & HPLC Mobile Phase Degassing and homogenization.
  • Industrial : Semi-Conductors, Electronic Components, Precious Parts & Mechanism.
  • Medical : Dental & Surgical Instruments.
  • Opticals : Spectacles, Spectacle Frames, Lenses
  • Jewellery : For all kinds of Jewellery, Precious stones etc.
  • To remove : Dust, Oil, Greases, Compounds, Waxes, Swarf, Stains, Soils & any other contaminant.
Salient Features
  • Easy to operate & made of S.S tank.
  • Indigenously manufactured with advanced MOSFET technology, with auto-tuning facility.
  • Digital tuning of transducers with generators to avoid any frequency shifted even during demanding applications.
  • Compact, Rugged & Highly durable systems.
  • Extensively protected electronic circuits means longer & safer operations.
Specification of Water Chiller

It consist of chiller unit connected to S.S Water Storage Tank of about 15 liters capacity to reduce the water temperature to about 15°C. It has an inbuilt pump & Re-Circular unit to circulate chilled water through the S.S cooling coils and bring back to chiller unit.

Technical Specification
  • Electric Supply : 230V AC, 50 Hz 1 Phase
  • Tank Material : S.S 304 Grade Inner & Outer
  • Construction : Ultrasonic Generator & S.S Transducer. Tank is housed in one S.S 304 grade cabinet.
  • Transducer : PZT sandwich type bonded on the base of S.S Tank. With transducer are protection for chilled water condensation.
  • Cooling Coils : SS coil of 1/2” dia are fitted in the SS tank to cool the liquid inside the tank, through which chilled water is circulated. Water in & out connection are provided for the coils.
  • Special tray to collect & drain water of condensation (chilled water)
  • Capacity Available : 10 ltr, 20 ltr, 30 ltr & higher as requirement
  • Digital Time : Two digit, 0-30 min. timer.
Various Ultrasonic Bath Models
USB Volume Model without Heater Model with Heater Model with DTC Model with Chiller
USB-10 ltr. USB-10 USB-10 H USB-10 DTC USB-10 C
USB-20 ltr. USB-20 USB-20 H USB-20 DTC USB-20 C
USB-30 ltr. USB-30 USB-30 H USB-30 DTC USB-30 C
USB-40 ltr. USB-40 USB-40 H USB-40 DTC USB-40 C
USB-50 ltr. USB-50 USB-50 H USB-50 DTC USB-50 C