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Hydrogen Gas Generator

Flow Diagram of Hydrogen Generator
  • Hydrogen is produced in the PGH Series Hydrogen Generators by the most advanced electrolytic membrane technology.
  • The application of voltage across the electrolyte results in hydrolysis, breaking down the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen gas, which are separated by the gas permeable membrane.
  • Once separated, the hydrogen gas goes through a series of purification and moisture removal systems to achieve the desired level of purity while the oxygen gas is being discharged into the atmosphere.
  • Electrolytic membrane technology has its advantages over alternative hydrogen generating techniques as it is clean, requires less maintenance and there is no need to store chemicals to maintain operation.
  • Only pure double distilled water (initially some KOH), is required to provide trouble free long term operation.
  • Membrane separation is also less time consuming as only water is needed for routine maintenance. Generator has in built pressure switch which shuts off the generator in case of Over pressure built up.
  • Sleep mode in case no use of H2 Production.
  • Hydrogen leak detection facility inside the generator. Any leak detected will shut the system and hyrogen production is halted.
  • Low Water alarm
Technical Specification :
  PGH-300 PGH-500 PGH-1000
Max Hydrogen Flowrate 300 ml/min 500 ml/min 1000 ml/min
Delivery Pressure 0-60 psig (0-0.4 Mpa)
Purity 99.999%
Power 198-242V (AC); 50Hz,1 Phase
Min/max Temperature 5-40°C
Suitable Environment non-corrosive and dust-free
Dimensions 420 X 210 X 350mm (LXWXH)
Weight 20 kg (approx)
Fluid Tank Capacity 3 Ltr.