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Hydraulic Press

Manual Press :
  • A Complete Laboratory hydraulic press producing a force about 15 tones use to make high quality 13 mm pallet used for IR / FTIR / XRF solid sampling.
  • 15 ton laboratory hydraulic pallet press is a compact, elegant and robust machine, typically used by R&D & QC labs for various pelletizing applications for IR / XRF etc.
  • The high pressure pumping unit supplies hydraulic fluid to the up-stroking ram of the cylinder. This causes the ram to rise steadily and positively in the upward direction. As a result, pressure is applied on any object placed between screw and piston top plate.
Automatic Press :
  • Compact design and easy to operate electrical controls with pressing and ejection cycle.
  • Pressing cycle has both auto and manual modes whereas ejection cycle has only manual (inching) mode
  • Settable Parameters : Pressure, hold time & ram retracting time.
  • Safety mechanisms to avoid over pressure & excessing ram stroke.
  • Transperent polycarbonate safety guard has been provided in the area of operation
  • Emergency Stop button to cut-off electrical supply (if required)
  • Reputed MCB, overload relay & relay contactors are included in the Control-panel for electrical safety.
  • Press is enclosed in a powder coated metallic cover, which is easily removable for maintenance purpose.