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Recirculating Water Chillers

The recirculating chillers are designed to handle high cooling capacities. These chillers operate in the temperature range from +5°C to atmosphere and have built in high pressure pump. These chillers are useful to cool other instruments which generate heat. Viz. Lasers, Furnaces, XRD, etc., Graphite Furnace, Fermenters, Thermal Instruments, Rotary Evaporator.

Water Chiller Unit :

It consists of chilled water storage tank of about 8-15 Ltrs. capacity along with Compressor, Condensing Coils, Cooling Fan, Temperature Controller Programable Type, Water Inlet & Outlet connection and chilled water circulation pump to circulate chilled water through S.S Cooling Coils and bring back to chiller tank

  • Control panel consists of temperature and ready status of Chiller ON / OFF Switch, with Red Coloured Indicator Green coloured indicator which indicates Initial Power ON.
  • This has an inbuilt delay of about 1-2 minutes for the Compressor to be ON.
  • Switch for Chilled Water circulation pump. This has no time delay.
  • This is fitted in a Floor Mounting type with Castor Wheels (Optional).

Specifcations of Water Chiller Model PCI-WC-01 for AAS & ICP

  • Inner Chamber : SS Duly Polished
  • Outer Chamber : M.S Powder Coated / SS
  • Insulation : Duly insulate by P.U.F
  • Refrigerated system & cooling arrangement : Hermetically sealed compressor
  • Flow capacity : 20 Ltrs. / min at height of 1 meter
  • Outlet connection : 3/8" OD
  • Temperature range : 5° to atmosphere
  • Temperature control : Temperature controlled by digital temperature indicator cum controller
  • Circulator : 0.25 Hp / 0.5 HP
  • Condensor Fan Motor : 'EPMNADI' Brand
  • Control pannel : Micro controller
  • Power : 220 / 230 Volts, Single Phase, AC mains
  • Outer dimensions : 14" W x 24"D x 24" H (360 W x 600 D x 600 H mm)
  • Standard capacity of tank : 8-10 Ltrs.
  • Temperature upto 60°C with heater also available
  • Higher capacity also available
  • Outer chamber also available in SS on request
Model Bath Range Temp. Capacity
PCI-WC-01 08 Ltrs. 5°C to atmosphere
PCI-WC-02 15 Ltrs. -20°C to atmosphere