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Polystyrene Calibration Films for FTIR

Polystyrene Calibration Film

Certificate of Calibration Traceability

Product Options - Polysterene Calibration Films
P/N Description
0009 - 7676 NIST traceble Polystrene Test Film, certificate of tracebility to five (5) NIST 1921b frequencies, set of 2 films each mounted to 2" x 4" cardstock holder Thickness: 35 micron

0009-7676      NIST Traceable Polystyrene Test Film, certificate of traceability to five (5) NIST 1921b frequencies, set of 2 films each mounted to 2" X 4" cardstock holder

Also available Polysterene Calibration Films for PhEur 2.2.4 & PhJap 2.25

In addition to standard polysterene caibration films, ICL offers several other calibration options. Superior calibrations are performed with radially symmetric films which eleminate the orientation effects of extruded films used for NIST standard 1921 calibrations. This makes the films consistent from film to film. Sold in pairs of two (2) different film thickness, the differential between the absorbance intensities created by two (2) film thickness becomes the baseline, thereby making the pair of films suitable both as an ordinate calibration standard useful for detection of degradation in instrument performance and of calibrating the abscissa scale in accordance with NIST standard 1921.

Films are available in free standing pairs mounted on 2" x 4" cards that fit in the standard universal slide mount in all spectrophotometers or the films can be cast on KBr windows. Films cast on KBr windows will not exhibit any Interference fringes. KBrwindows with films are sold with a mount with a 2" x 3" backplate that fits the standard universal slide mount in all spectrophotometers.

The polystyrene coating prevents degradation of the KBr window from moisture effects. Doped crystal windows are also available as calibation standards.These windows can be matched in pairs with comparable absorbances.

PhEur 2.3.24 films are described in a separate section.