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Probe Sonicator (Advanced)

OEM Approved
Model PKS 250F PKS 500F PKS 750F PKS 900F PKS 1200F PKS 1800F
Ultrasonic Wave Power (Watt) 250 500 750 900 1200 1800
Available Probe Tips Dia. in mm 3,6,8 3,6,8,10 3,6,8,10,15 3,6,8,15,20 10,15,20,25 15,20,25
Pulverizing Volume (ml) 0.5-200 0.5-400 0.5-600 0.5-700 0.5-1000 0.5-1200

Model Features

  • Auto frequency chasing, avoiding adjustment liquid crystal display at peak value.
  • Convenient operation.
  • Display temperature control checking and set over-hot protection on the samples.
  • Output amplitude 0-100% adjustment.
  • Overlead protection, so that equipment can not be damaged.
  • 10 operation programs for application or reserve after refreshing.


  • Working Voltage : 220-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Timing Mode Working Time Clocking : 0~59 mins. 59 seconds.
  • Counting Mode Ultrasonic Working Times : 0~149 Times.
  • Ultrasonic Time Scope : 0~10 seconds.
  • Interval Time Scope : 0~10 seconds.
  • Interval Time Scope : The interval time = 0s is for Ultrasonic Continuous Working
  • Power Adjustment Scope : 0~99% of the rated power.
  • Temperature Setting Scope : 0~59 oC
  • Time Control Precision : 1S + 0.1%
  • Temperature Control Precision : ±1oC
  • Over temperature protection & alarming functions.
  • Ultrasonic output intensity automatic restriction functions.

Probe Sonicator Model : PS-120 W

This Velocity Horn is used for THE PROCESSING APPLICATIONS. Ultrasonic processor (Probe sonicator is a tool specially designed for Pharmaceutical, Chemical Labs & various research institutes, colleges, universities.

Ultrasonic Processor Consists of

(A) Ultrasonic Generator to produce high ultrasonic frequency of 20 KHz and an Ultrasonic Power 120 watts.

(B) Velocity Horn fitted with PZT Crystals (Transducer Elements). This Velocity Horn assembly converts the electrical energy fed from the Ultrasonic Generator to mechanical vibrations at the rate of applied electrical frequency. The amplitude of these mechanical vibrations are magnified by this Velocity Horn.

Principle of Ultrasonic Processor

High frequency vibrations are produced by the S.S velocity Horn which is immersedinto liquid to be processed. The vibrations give raise to millions of Intense Microscopic Vacuum Bubbles which form & implode at a very high rate. This phenomenon is known as 'CAVITATION'. Cavitation give rise to intense Local Pressure Waves & Micro Streaming of liquid round the points of collapse. This in turn produces High Shear gradients which are responsible for the above stated applications.

Some of its applications are

  • Tissue Processing (Plant & Animal Tissues)
  • Emulsification of Immiscible Liquids.
  • De-gassing & De-aerating of Liquids.
  • Formulations.
  • Particle Dispersion
  • In small volume batches of upto 500 ml.


  • Homogenization, Micro Fined Emulsion.
  • More stable compared to other processes.
  • Very Flexible. It can easily be transferred from one batch to other without intermediatory operations like emptying, cleaning & refilling. Ultrasonic Processor can be transported to various locations of sample operations.
Model Sample Capacity Probe Size Frequency Wattage
PS120W 50 ml - 500 ml 20,12 20 khz 120 watts