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Lamps D2 / Hallow Cathode

D2 Lamps for UV/HPLC
D2 Lamps for UV/HPLC
Hollow Cathode Lamps
Hollow Cathode Lamps
Tungsten/Hallogen Lamp
Tungsten/Hallogen Lamp
AccuTraceTM Documentation includes :
  • Traceability to NIST SRM by Wet Chemical / Gravimetric Assay
  • Traceability to NISI SRM by Instrumental Analysis
  • Reference to NISI Traceability during product preparation

As exclusive distributors for Accustandard, in India, Kinesis are able offer the most comprehensive range of reference standards to meet all today's analytical laboratory requirements.

With over 40,000 catalogue listed items plus a custom mix and synthesis service Kinesis provide high quality reference standards to all fields of analytical chemistry including organic, inorganic, petrochemical and pesticides.

Chemical Reference Standards :
  • Organic
  • Inorganic
  • Petrochemical
  • Quality Control