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3 IN 1 Combination Generator for N2, ZA & H2

Model : NHZA-03A (Modular & Stackable)
  • Combination Gas Generator for UHP Nitrogen, Zero Air & Hydrogen.
  • Nitrogen & Air Generator produces a continuous flow of high purity Nitrogen at selected pressure.
  • The modular Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) unit operates with alternating pressure increase and decrease.
  • Air flows under pressure through the reaction towers containing molecular sieve adsorber.
  • Moisture, CO, CO₂, HC, Oxygen and other unwanted components in the air are adsorbed, leaving Nitrogen Gas of required purity & in another set of towers Moisture, CO, CO₂ , HC and other unwanted components in the air are adsorbed, leaving Zero Air Gas.
  • High Purity Hydrogen Gas Generator.
  • Hydrogen is produced in the PGH Series Hydrogen Generators by the most advanced electrolytic membrane technology.
  • The application of voltage across the electrolyte results in hydrolysis, breaking down the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen gas, which are separated by the gas permeable membrane.
  • Modular & Stackable, Floor Space Saving design with small footprint.

Principle of 3 in 1 Gas Generator Model-NHZA-03A
Principle N2 Gas Zero Air H2 Gas
Moisture < 2ppm < 2ppm < 2ppm
Oxygen < 5ppm - < 5ppm
Total Hydrocarbon (THC) 0.5 ppm 0.3 ppm 0.3 ppm
CO & CO2 < 2ppm < 2ppm < 2ppm
Purity 99.999% UHP (GC grade) 99.999% UHP (GC grade) 99.999% UHP (GC grade)
Micron particles 0.01μ 0.01μ 0.01μ
Capacity of NHZA-03A 200 ml/min at 5kg/cm2 1500 ml/min at 5kg/cm2 300 ml/min at 5kg/cm2
NHZA-05 500 ml/min at 5 kg/cm2 4000 ml/min at 5kg/cm2 500 ml/min at 5kg/cm2
NHZA-10 1000 ml/min at 5 kg/cm2 8000 ml/min at 5kg/cm2 1000 ml/min at 5kg/cm2
Air Compressor Inbuilt Inbuilt NA
Method of Purification Pressure Swing Adsorption and Depressurization Catalytic conversion Filtration PEM Technology
Room Temperature 10°C to 25°C
Start up time 1hr/programmable by timer 10 min 30 min
Electrical Supply 230 V AC, 50Hz, 1ph, 5 amp
Size of the 3 in 1 Generator
NHZA-03/05 1220H X 400W X 600D mm
NHZA-10 1400H X 400W X 900D mm
Weight (approx.) For NHZA - 03 (90 kg For NHZA - 05 (90 kg) For NHZA-10 (150 kg)
Power Consumption 600W
Gas Outlet Port 1/8" OD 1/8" OD 1/8" OD