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GC and HPLC Syringes
SGE Syringes for GC and HPLC

  • Fixed needle syringes for GC
  • Removable needle  syringes for GC
  • Fixed needle syringe flexible plunger
  • Removable syringes flexible plunger
  • Guided plunger fixed needle syringes
  • Guided plunger removable needle syringes
  • Gas tight syringes fixed needle for GC
  • Gas tight removable needle for GC
  • Luer-lock gas tight syringes
  • HPLC Syringe for Rheodyne and Valco Valve
  • Manual GC syringes – Plunger in needle syringes
  • SGE Removable needle

Hamilton Syringes for GC/HPLC, Autosampler/HSS

  • 700 Series Microliter Syringes
  • Manual injections of liquid samples 5 µl to 500 µl
  • N Cemented needle – Point style 2
  • Needle length – 51 mm for GC
  • NR (Cemented needle for Rheodyne Injectors) Point Style 3


Needle length 51 mm for HPLC

  • RM (Removable Needle) Point Style 2


Needle Length 51mm for GC

  • LT Luer Lip
  • Teflon Luer Lock w/o slot
  • 7000 Series modified microliter syringes 0.5 µl to 5 µl


KH (Knurled Hub) Removable Needles Point Style 2 Needle length 70mm

  • 700 Series for Microliter syringes for manual injections of Liquid sample


Syringes for Agilent, GC Autosampler 7670, 7671, 7672 ALS.

  • Syringes for Shimadzu GC Autosampler AOC-9
  • AOC-14/17/20
  • Syringes for Varain-Chrompak GC Autosampler
  • CP 8400/8410 , CP-9010/9050
  • Syringes for CTC GC Autosampler
  • Syringes for Headspace
  • Hamilton Needles – pack of 6, Replacement Needles 6 K , Hub Needles, Metal Hub needles for use with TLL Syringes and LT or TLL connectors, KEL-F Hub needles for use with LT and TLL Syringes and connectors.


Exmire Syringes for GC and HPLC (Fixed needle and removable needle)

  • Super elastic plunger model - GC
  • Super elastic Plunger models – HPLC – Rheodyne
  • Standard Model –Syringes for Liquid analysis
  • HPLC Syringes (Rheodyne)
  • GC Guided Plunger syringe
  • Routine work syringe
  • Gaslight syringe
  • Syringes for HP Autosampler -S S Plunger and S E Plunger





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