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1) GAS TRANSMITTER ( PCI-GT-1000 FLP)3" wire gas transmitter with LED display, 4-20mA output in Flameproof Enclosure with Catalyst Sensor for Combustible gas.

  1. Gas to be detected : Hydrogen OR Methane OR Acetylene OR Hydrocarbon OR LPG
  2. Range : 0 to 100% LEL
  3. Output: 4 to 20 mA
  4. Supply Voltage: 24V DC
  5. Detection Principal: Catalytic Pellistor
  6. Sensor life: 5 years
  7. Sensor Body: SS316
  8. Enclosure: IIC enclosure
  9. Mounting: Wall Mounting OR Stand Mounting

2) MULTICHANNEL GAS MONITOR UNIT 1 44,000.00 EACH Model: (PCI -TC 100 WP) mounted in Main compartment of Mild Steel Powder Coated Paint Finish Body.
Micro-controller based Scanner type monitor. Digital Display for easy to read Gas Concentration online on monitor with two window display for Channel assessment and actual value of gas analyses per channel. Acknowledge function with user friendly operation & programmable by easy soft Key

  • Output: Two High and Low common relay for alarm
  • Input supply: 230 VAC FOR Single Channel
    For 4 Channel
    FOR 08 Channel
    FOR 16 Channel

3) HOOTER CUM FLASHER Standard Hooter 1 6,000.00 EACH for Safe Area.

  • Input Supply : 24 V DC / 230 V AC
  • Output : 100 dB
  • Enclosure :Weatherproof
  • Dimension : 96 X 96 mm e) Mounting : Wall Mounting

4) CABLE (3 core X 1.5 mm2) Armored Shielded Cable 1 190.00 METER for Gas Transmitter to Monitor (Quantity on Actually Running Meter)
7/0.3mm (0.5sq mm) in continuous contact with Aluminum side of the tape, PVC inner sheathed of types STI as per IS 5831/84 with 0.5 mm thickness in Black color, galvanized steel wire armored as per IS 583/84 in Black color suitable for 1100 V." (Qty. on actual running meter basis).


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