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Solid Sampling

Hydraulic Press

Manual Press :
  • A Complete Laboratory hydraulic press producing a force about 15 tones use to make high quality 13 mm pallet used for IR / FTIR / XRF solid sampling.
  • 15 ton laboratory hydraulic pallet press is a compact, elegant and robust machine, typically used by R&D & QC labs for various pelletizing applications for IR / XRF etc.
  • The high pressure pumping unit supplies hydraulic fluid to the up-stroking ram of the cylinder. This causes the ram to rise steadily and positively in the upward direction. As a result, pressure is applied on any object placed between screw and piston top plate.
Automatic Press :
  • Compact design and easy to operate electrical controls with pressing and ejection cycle.
  • Pressing cycle has both auto and manual modes whereas ejection cycle has only manual (inching) mode
  • Settable Parameters : Pressure, hold time & ram retracting time.
  • Safety mechanisms to avoid over pressure & excessing ram stroke.
  • Transperent polycarbonate safety guard has been provided in the area of operation
  • Emergency Stop button to cut-off electrical supply (if required)
  • Reputed MCB, overload relay & relay contactors are included in the Control-panel for electrical safety.
  • Press is enclosed in a powder coated metallic cover, which is easily removable for maintenance purpose.

KBr Die Set

Most commonly used Die for IR/FTIR for solid sampling of 13 mm pallet size consist on Anvil & Plunger, Top & Bottom Die Port, Extractor Ring, Oring.

Other sizes like 10 mm, 20 mm also available.

The pellet holder is use to hold pallet (13 mm) of KBr, suitable to any IR /FTIR

Agate, Motar pestle use to propre sample

Dry Box

(Thermostatic / PID Controller)

The ideal method of storage of FTIR/XRF accessories which are affected by moisture since highly Hygroscopic in nature, which are to be stored in dry box.

  • Input Voltage : 230 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Dimensions : 407 L x 229 W x 368 H for DB-02N
  • Dimensions : : 400 L x 210 W x 18 H for DB-01
  • Temperature : Ambient +5°C to 70°C

Liquid Sampling

Nacl / KBr Windows

Nacl / KBr windows is available in circular & Rectangular shape.

Standard sizes :

  • Circular : dia 25 x 4 mm thickness
  • Rectangular : 38 x 19 x 4 mm

Other windows like AgCL & CaF2 & other dimensions also available.

Universal Liquid Cell Hoder

(Demountable / Fixed Thickness)

The cell holder is used to mount circular as well as rectangular windows &l it can be used as Demountable Cell & Fixed Thickness Cell using different spacers supplied along with teflon washers of different sizes.
Mull cell holder is used to mount circular window & for mull samples. Cell holder are supplied along with assorted spaces of size 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.5 mm & 1 mm.