Automatic Mechanical Gas Change Over

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High pressure Mechanical- Automatic Gas Manifold is used for two cylinder system whereautomatically switching over is required from one cylinder to other, when the pressure in the one cylinder is below the set pressure. Setting of pressure of two cylinder can be set as per user requirement (Refer Setting Procedure).

It can be used for multiple cylinders banks.

Inlet Pressure Gauge         : 2 nos. of 0 - 210 kg/cm² Gauge.
Outlet Pressure Gauge      : 1 no. of 0 - 14 kg/cm² Gauge / as per requirement.
Flow                                 : 300 LPH (MAX).
Gas services                    : Air, N2, H2, He, Ace, Arg, N2o, P10 and other gas & also for flammable / nonflammable & corrosive gases.
Outlet Connection             : ¼” OD ferruel fitting with ball valve.
Inlet connection                : ¼” BSP male to suit pigtail coming from cylinder.
Mounting Dimension Size  : 500 mm(L) X 300 mm(H) X 45 mm(D).


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