Nitrogen Concentrator / Sample Evaporator

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Nitrogen Concentrator Model: EV-plus-08 is a Precision Sample Concentrator by Nitrogen Purging. It is a newly designed SampleConcentrator for multiple sample pre-concentration of in organic media. A Table Top Model. The unit can be set to a constant Flow and constant Temperature to ensure good evaporation. Also, the Nozzle height can be electrically set to the required level. It is fully microprocessor controlled and water bath, Temperature,
gas station, more advantage LCD display, over Temp. Heater ON/OFF LED, door open display, high temperature Thermal Coutour for safety for best quality and best performs.

Product Specifications
• Time Range: 15 sec to 10 hours
• Time Set-up / down arrow keys (15 sec increments)
• Temperature range: Ambient to 90 ºC (thermal cutout for
• Temperature set-up / down arrow keys (1 °C increment)
• Start/stop: Green LED indication when process is On
• Display: LCD (Digital)
• Gas stations: 5 Nos. with LED indication
• Gas regulator range: 0 to 100 PSI (approximate)
• Pressure gauge range: 0 to 100 PSI
• Controlled: Fully Microprocessor based
• Sample capacity: 50 Nos.
• Gas Line: 5 Nos.
• Water tank capacity: 6.5 Ltr. (Not over flow)
• Dimensions: 30cm(H) x 40cm(W) x 55cm(L)
• Weight:20 Kgs (empty tank)
• Colour: Grey
• Exhaust: No fume hood required
• Power supply: 230 V AC / 3Amp
• Error indication: LED indication with Buzzer

Technical Specifications
• Space requirements: Table top or fume hood with minimum
  dimension L, W & H (cms) 70 x 50 x 65 table weight capacity 35
  kg minimum requirement
• Work area: Flat, level, stable, surface
• Power supply: 230 AC/5amp single phase stable & well
• Gas supply: Laboratory grade nitrogen
• Inlet pressure: 60 PSI minimum, 100 PSI maximum (And ON/OFF
  control valve)
• Exhaust: Exhaust duct outlet or fume hood - the exhaust duct
  must go to outside the lab.
• Water bath capacity: 6.5 Ltr. distilled water (6.5 Ltr. do not over


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