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MACHEREY-NAGEL, the manufacturer of NUCLEOSIL® HPLC phases and one of the leading companies for chromatography products, presents its Reversed Phase Application Guide.
The 160-page publication includes an introduction to the theoretical aspects of HPLC, a lot of information about
modern stationary phases, retention, selectivity and mobile phases.
Aside 150 up-to-date and relevant applications the special chapters Do´s and Don´ts and trouble-shooting provide a lot of helpful hints and tips for a successful chromatography. A special section explains basic aspects and demands of preparative HPLC.
The applications are divided in the fields of:
• Drugs
• Biological and natural compounds
• Food analysis
• Environmental analysis
• Organic compounds


CHROMABOND Vaccum Manifold
​1. Rectangular glass cabinet; 2 size available: small for upto 12 CHROMABOND columns or CHROMAFIX cartridges; large for upto 16 CHROMABOND LV columns or upto 24 CHROMABOND columns or CHROMAFIX cartridges (depending on lidt)
2. Polypropylene lid
3. Vacuum gauge for pressure reading
4. Replaceable valves for vacuum control of individual SPE columns
5. Variable rack with exchangeable partitions, which accept a wide variety of vessels like test tubes,
measuring flasks, scintillation vials, autosampler vials, plastic vials etc.
6. Control valve for adjustment of vacuum
7. CHRIMABOND LV columns with 15 ml sample reservoir for medium size samples
8. Polypropylene sample reservoirs (30 to 70 ml)
9. Adaptor for sample reservoirs
10. CHRIMABOND tubing adaptors  

Polymer-based HPLC phases for separation of sugars

  1. Sulfonated polystyrene / divinylbenzene resins in different ionic forms
    Due to a different selectivity pattern compared to NUCLEOGEL®SUGAR columns, the range of application is considerably enlarged
    Separation mechanism includes ion exclusion, ion exchange, size exclusion, ligand exchange as well as NP and RP chromatography.
  2. Ca2+ form: 
    Separation of mono-, di- and oligosaccharides ∙ USP L19

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