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Manual Press
•  A complete Laboratory hydraulic press producing a force about 15 tones use to make high quality 13 mm Pallet used for IR/FTIR/XRF Solid   Sampling
• 15 ton laboratory Hydraulic Pellet Press is a compact, elegant and robust machine, typically used by R&D & QC labs for various pelletizing application    for IR/XRF etc.
• The high pressure pumping unit supplies hydraulic fluid to the up-stroking ram of the cylinder. This causes the ram to rise steadily and positively in the
  upward direction. As a result, pressure is applied on any object placed between screw and piston top plate.

Automatic Press
• Compact design and easy to operate electrical controls with Pressing and Ejection cycle
• Pressing Cycle has both Auto and Manual modes whereas Ejection cycle has only Manual (Inching) mode
• Steady pressure building and controlled release ensures better pellet quality.
• Desired Pressure is set on manual pressure switch & actual pressure indicated by made to order Glycerine filled pressure gauge (indicator)
• Pressure hold time can be set on the timer provided on the front panel
• Settable parameters :- pressure, hold time & ram retracting time.
• Safety mechanisms to avoid over pressure and excessive ram stroke
• Transparent Polycarbonate safety guard has been provided in the area of operation.
• Emergency Stop Button to cut-off electrical supply (if required)
• Reputed MCB, overload relay & relay contactors are included in the Control-Panel for electrical safety
• Press is enclosed in a powder coated metallic cover, which is easily

Liquid Sampling

Nacl/ KBR windows is available in circular & Rectangular shape.
Standard sizes :
Circular : dia 25mm x 4 mm thickness
Rectangular : 38mm x 19mm x 4mm
Other windows like Agcl/CLF & other dimensions also available
• Press is enclosed in a powder coated metallic cover, which is easily

KBr Die Set

Most commonly used Die for IR/FTIR for solid sampling of 13 mm pallet size consist of Anvil & Plunger, Top & Bottom Die Port, Extractor Ring,
Other sizes like 10mm, 20mm also available.
• Press is enclosed in a powder coated metallic cover, which is easily

The cell holder is used to mount circular as well as rectangular windows & it can be used as Demountable Cell & Fixed Thickness Cell using different spacers supplied along with teflon washers of different sizes.
Mull Cell holder is used to mount circular window & for mull samples. Cell holder are supplied along with assorted spaces of size 0.1mm,
0.2mm, 0.5mm & 1mm.

The pallet holder is use to hold pallet (13 mm) of KBR, suitable to any IR/FTIR Agate, Motor Pestle use to propre sample.

Dry Box

The ideal method of storage of FTIR/XRF Accessories which are affected by moisture since highly Hygroscopic in nature, which are to be stored in dry box.


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