Ultrasonic Bath (Sonicator) with Chiller

Product Code: Ultrasonic Bath (Sonicator) with Chiller
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Principle of Ultrasonic Cleaner

High frequency electrical energy is converted into ultrasound waves by means of ultrasonic Tranducers, which are bonded on the base of S. S. Water Tank. These high frequency sound waves create in the liquid countless, Microscopic Vacuum Bubbles, which repidly expand and collapse. This phenomenon is CAVITATION. These bubbles act like miniature high speed brushes, driving the liquid in to all openings and minutes recesses of the Object immersed in the liquid. Intense scrubbing of Cavitation cleans away all the dirt and soil from the object immersed and the object is perfectly cleaned. Intricate objects can be cleaned with either complete or little Dismantling.

Specification of Water Chiller

It Consist of Chiller unit connected to S.S Water Storage Tank of about 15 liters Capacity to reduce the water temperature to about 15 ºC It has an inbuilt pump & Re-Circular unit to Circulate Chilled water through the S.S Cooling coils and bring back to chiller unit.

Technical Specification of Ultrasonic Bath

  • Electric Supply : 230V AC, 50hZ 1PHASE
  • Tank Material : S.S. 304 Grade Inner & Outer.
  • Construction : Ultrasonic Generator & SS Tranducerised. Tank are housed in one S.S 304 grade cabinet.
  • Transducer : PZT Sandwich type bonded on the base of S.S. Tank. With Transduser Protection for chilled water Condensation.
  • Cooling Coils : SS Coil of 1/2" dia are fitted in the SS tank to cool the liquid inside the tank, through which chilled water has to be circulated water in & out connection are provided for the coils
  • Special tray to collect & drain water of condensation (chilled water)
  • Capacity available :10 lit, 20 lit, 30 lit & higher as per requirement
  • Two digit 0-30 mts. timer for Ultrasonic with lid & basket





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