Lamps D2 / Hallow cathode

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D2 Lamp (UV/HPLC) / Tungsten / Halogen Lamp

Kinesis Deuterium Lamps
Guaranteed quality long life HPLC Lamps for UV Detection

  • ABI, ACS, Agilent, Amnico, Analytik Jena, Bausch and Lomb, Beckman, Biochrom, Biorad, Bischoff, Bruker, Camspec, Cecil, Dionex, GAT, GBC, Gilson, ICI, Jasco, Jenway, Knauer, Kontron, LDC, LKB and Pharmacia, Merck, Perkin Elmer, Pharmatest, Philips Unicam, Shimadzu, Sun chrom, Thermowave, TSP, Varian, Waters

Kinesis Visible Lamps

  • Backman, Cesil, Kontron, Hitachi U Series, Perkin Elmer, PE Lambda, Unicam UV Series Tungsten Lamp,Unicam Helios Gamma and Delta, Shimadzu, TSP , Varian

Kinesis Xenon Lamps

  • Agilent, Dionex, Gilson, Jasco, Kontron, LDC, Hitachi, Shimadzu, TSP, Varian, Kontron, LDC.

Heraeus Deuterium Lamps for Spectrophotometer and HPLC

  • Agilent, Analytik Jena, Applied Biosystems, Cesil, Chemito , Dionex, DIonex Ultimate, Hitachi, Jasco ,Knauer, Perkin ELmer, Lambda , Shimadzu, Thermo Separation, Systronics, Unicam Helios, Tosoh, Varian, Waters.

Hollow Cathod Lamps

Ranges of high performance Single Element Hollow Cathode Lamps are available in 37mm (1.5”) or 50mm (2”) in both coded and Uncoded Version

  • Kinesis Hollow Cathode Lamps

  • Photron Hollow Cathode lamps for AAS (Single Element Lamps and Multi Element Lamps)
    GBC Scientific, Varian, Shimadzu, Hitachi, Thermo Jarrel Ash,Unicam, Buck Scientific.
  • Heraeus Hollow Cathod lamps for AAS
    Analytik Jena, Chemito , Shimadzu, Agilent –Varian, Elico, GBC, Thermo-Unicam, Perkin Elmer Analyst (Lumin Type)


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