Oil Free Diaphragm Type Vacuum Pump

Product Code: Oil Free Diaphragm Type Vacuum Pump
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Salient Features:
• No Lubrication required
• Noiseless performance
• Absolutely Portable
• Totally Oil-free construction
• Practically maintenance-free
• All parts made from special graded Aluminum die cast material for light weight and good strength
• Diaphragms are made of special 2-Ply Nylon reinforced neophrene rubber
• Special diaphragms available (TEFLON / VITON etc.)
• Value made of SS 316 material
• Built-in micro suction filter
• Extra large bearings for trouble-free and smooth running
• Pumps available with single as well as 3-phase motors
• Pumps available with flame proof motor
• Pumps available with 12/24V/48 Volts DC
• Pumps available with Chemical resistive Parts (PP, TEFLON contact parts) (CRP suffixed models)
• Pumps available with SS 316 contact parts
• Pumps available in 110 V AC motors
• Pump available for Gas charging in A/Cs (Model PCI-25- AX)
• Ideally suited for original equipment manufacturers

Application for use as Vacuum Pump :
• Laboratories
• Pollution Control Equipments
• Material Handling Equipments
• Labeling machines
• Desoldering station
• Glass forming
• Medical Instruments
• Dentists
• Chemical analisers
• Gas charging in A/c
• Suction machines
• Photographic developing machines

Application for use as compressor :
• Flame photometer
• Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
• Agitation of chemicals in electro-plating
• Agitation of film in drying tank
• Wave Soldering machines for forming of flux
• Cement aeration
• Oil-free spray painting
• Artist Air brush
• Operating small pneumatic tools
• Laminating press
• Nebuliser
• Plastic welding


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