Pconlab Solvent Safety for HPLC

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Solvent Safety caps for HPLC
Pconlab Bottle Caps minimize hazardous VOCs evaporating from the reservoir into the laboratory, keep mobile phases clean and securely connect the solvent reservoir with any HPLC system.

The PTFE body of the cap creates a tight seal against the mobile phase reservoir. Tubing is connected using liquid and air tight fittings into the threaded connection ports. The air entering the container when solvent is withdrawn is filtered through a 120µm PTFE particulate filter. A built- in check valve prevents solvent vapors escaping into the lab through the particulate filter. All materials used are highly solvent compatible: Polypropylene (collar), PTFE (body), making the caps usable in any LC laboratory

Solvent Safety Bottle Cap Kit for GL45 Media Bottles, four (4) 2-port bottle caps, one (1) 4-port bottle cap, fittings and plug and air vent.

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