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Reversed Phase Chromatography Octadecyl Types COSMOSIL MS-II, AR-II, PAQ 
COSMOSIL 5C18-MS-II is a monomeric type of C18 phase. A new end capping treatment with polar groups for "shield effect" has extended the pH range and significantly improved peak shape for basic compounds. This phase is recommended for most of applications but particularly effective for low molecular weight organic compounds.
COSMOSIL 5C18-AR-II is a polymeric type of C18 phase. It shows exceptional stability and long lifetime at low pH. Thisphase is recommended for the separations requiring acidic mobile phase conditions. It also shows superior molecular shape selectivity to monomeric type C18 columns.
COSMOSIL 5C18-PAQ is designed to offer superior retention of polar compounds and excellent reproducibility inhighly aqueous mobile phases, even in 100% aqueous.

HPLC Column for Structural Isomers COSMOSIL πNAP
COSMOSIL πNAP is a reversed phase HPLC column with Naphtylethyl group bonded silica packing material. The Naphthylethyl group is composed of two fused aromatic rings and forms strong π-π interactions with unsaturated compounds. This column offers improved separation of compounds such as positional isomers that are difficult to analyze with alkyl group bonded materials.
• Naphthalene bonded stationary phase
• Enhanced p-p interactions
• Improved selectivity for structural isomers​

HPLC Column for Structual Isomers COSMOSIL PYE / NPE
COSMOSIL PYE (Pyrenylethyl group bonded) and COSMOSIL NPE (Nitrophenylethyl group bonded) column show unique retention characteristics based on multiple separation modes such as hydrophobic, charge transfer and ð-ð interactions. These columns are recommended for the separation of structural isomers.
COSMOSIL PYE column is a reversed phase column with 2-(1-Pyrenyl) ethyl groups bonded silica packing material. This column utilizes ð-ð interactions originating from the planar pyrene ring structure to separate structural isomers.
• Pyrenylethyl group bonded stationary phase
• Separation with high molecular shape selectivity or π-π interactions
• Excellent separation for structural isomers

HPLC Column for Saccharide Analysis COSMOSIL Sugar-D​
Conventionally aminopropyl bonded stationary phases are used for liquid chromatographic analysis of mono and oligosaccharides.General shortcomings of the conventional aminopropyl bonded phases are tailing and adsorption of certain saccharides and general low durability (short active life) of these columns. These problems are addressed and solved by the novel COSMOSIL Sugar-D, resulting in better (sharper) separation and much improved durability.
In addition COSMOSIL Sugar-D is useful at the separation of highly hydrophilic compounds which are not retained inconventional octadecyl (ODS) bonded stationary phases.
• Novel stationary phase for saccharides
• Superior durability to conventional amino columns
• Minimized undesirable adsorption​

Wide Pore HPLC Column for Protein Chemistry COSMOSIL Protein-R
COSMOSIL Protein-R is a reversed phase HPLC column designed specifically for protein and peptide separation. COSMOSIL C Protein-R provides significantly improved peak shapes, high recovery rate and outstanding stability at low pH, which are often problematic for the separation of proteins and peptides with conventional C18-300 Å and C4-300 Å columns.
• Excellent Separation
• High recovery rate
• Outstanding Stability at Low pH​​

Normal Phase HPLC Column COSMOSIL SL-II​
Ultra-pure silica gel of more than 99.99% purity is used for the COSMOSIL SL-II packed column series. This column provides improved separation and reproducibility for compounds with carbonyl or phenol hydroxyl groups, which are often problematic to separate using conventional silica gel columns because of interference of metallic impurities. The followings are applications of COSMOSIL SL-II column on organic acids, acid amides and phenols. COSMOSIL SL-IIprovides improved separation for these compounds without ionic additives by using mobile phases of hexane and ethanol.
• High purity silica gel (>99.99%) with special treatment
• Suitable for preparative separation

HPLC Column for Structural Isomers COSMOSIL Cholester
COSMOSIL Cholester is a reversed phase HPLC column with Cholesteryl bonded silica packing material, which provides equivalent hydrophobicity like that of traditional ODS columns. However, Cholester offers strongstereoselectivity for hydrophobic compounds to yield unique and reproducible separation patterns following the same analytical conditions used with other ODS columns.• Cholesterol bonded stationary phase​​
• Increased stereoselectivity
• Improved resolution for geometric isomers

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