HPLC column washing / Liquid Dosing Pump

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The high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) pump is designed to be a reliable component within a basic analytical or sophisticated research instruments.

While ideal for HPLC applications the pump is also useful as a metering pump for general laboratory or industrial use..

The flow rate of the pump fitted with a standard 10mL pump head can be set in 0.01 mL increments from 0.01 to 10.0 mL/min; size is available in type 316 stainless steel or biocompatible (metal-free) PEEK™.

The low pulsation flow produced by the reciprocating, single piston pump is achieved by using an advanced rapid-refil cam design, programmed stepper motor acceleration, and an internal pulse damper.

Pump Features
• Can easily be modified for analytical and semi-preparative
• Incorporates a diaphragm-type pulse damper which reduces  
   pulsation in the system by as much as 90%
• Integrated prime/purge valve.
• Self-flushing pump head.
• LED readout on the front panel—shows the flow rate.
• Tactile response, chemically resistant front panel keypad.
• Microprocessor advanced control.
• Digital stepper motor design prevents flow rate drift over time and
  temperature, which is a common problem found in analog design.
• Back panel RS232 serial communications port for complete control
   and status monitoring.

Pump Category
• Constant pressure pump
• Flash pump
• Preparative pump
• Supercritcal pump
• Ultra high pressure pump
• Post column reactor pump
• Liquid dosing pump
• Mighty mini pump


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