Zero Air Generator for GC

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• Zero Air Generator produces a continuous flow of high purity Zero Air at selected pressure.
• The modular pressure swing adsorption (PSA) unit operates with alternating pressure increase and decrease.
• Untreated air flows under pressure through the reaction towers containing molecular sieve adsorber.
• Moisture, CO, CO2, THC and other unwanted components in the air are adsorbed, leaving Zero Air Gas of required purity.
• The Zero Air Generators are suitable for use in laboratories and industrial environments.
• Microcontroller digital display

Technical Specification

PRINCIPLE SPECIFICATIONS ZAG-02 (for 2-5 GC's) (for Imported GC)
Moisture < 2 ppm
Total Hydro Carbon < 0.5 ppm
CO & CO2 < 2 ppm
Purity GC/UHP grade
Micro Particulates < 0.01µ
Capacity of ZAG 4 LPM at 5kg/cm²
Method of purification Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
Room temperature 5 °C - 25 °C
Start up time 5 minutes
Electrical requirements for ZAG 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 ph, 4 Amp
Size of  ZAG without compressor (in mm) 600H x 400W x 350D
Net weight of  ZAG w/o  compressor 35 kg.
Power Consumption 250 W

Salient Features:
• Deliver constant pressure & flow
• Fully Automatic Programmable System
• Easy Maintenance and space saving
• Effortless and easy operation
• Improves instrument performance
• Fully regenerative, durability with PSA technology

• FTIR / IR, ELSD detector
• Purging, Ampule Filling
• Thermal instruments, Turbo Evaporator (N2 Concentrator)
• All Analytical Instruments

•    Zero Air Generator (Model ZAG-02) requires oil free compressed air line of 60 LPM at 6 kg/cm²
•    Oil free compressor can be provided by PCI.
•    For model ZAG-03, PCI oil free compressor is recommended 


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