Ultrasonic Activity Meter - (Ultrasonic Performance Meter)

Product Code: Ultrasonic Activity Meter - (Ultrasonic Performance Meter)
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Ultrasonic Performance Meter provides a fast, effective and simple to use method of measuring the ultrasonic activity generated in ultrasonic baths. It is used to give a comparative measurement of one bath’s performance over a period of time.


Probe Assembly in SS              :15 × 244mm long
Handle in ABS                           : Plastic 105mm long
Instrument Case in ABS           : Plastic 130 × 65 × 25mm
Weight (probe and cable)       : 350 grams
(instrument including battery)             : 200 grams
Indicator 1: Frequency            : 5-50 KHz
Indicator 2: Power                   : 10-100%
Battery 9V                                : PP3
Cable Connector                      : BNC 2P
Calibration Period                     : 12 months


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