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Cole-Parmer Detector Lamps and Instrument Spares
Guaranteed quality long life hplc lamps
Deuterium 2000 Hour Lamps for HPLC UV Detection
Cole-Parmer have been manufacturing lamps since 2002 and we now have over 10 years experience in precision lamp alignment. Using processes verified by the world’s leading lamp manufactuCole-inesis are able to offer the highest quality lamp on the market today whilst offering customers huge price savings.
With sales last year of over 10,000 lamps this makes Cole-Parmer the world’s largest 3rd party lamp manufacturer with repeat business in every market sector across the globe.


Hollow Cathode Lamps
The Cole-Parmer range of high performance Single Element Hollow Cathode lamps are available in 37mm (1.5”) or 50mm (2”) in both Coded and Uncoded version.
• Hollow Cathode Lamps 37mm (1.5”) Diameter Single Element
• Hollow Cathode Lamps 37mm (1.5”) Diameter Multiple Element’s
• Hollow Cathode Lamps THERMO FISHER / UNICAM 37mm (1.5”) Diameter Single Element 7Pin Base
• Hollow Cathode Lamps AGILENT / VARIAN 37mm (1.5”) Diameter Single Element 4Pin Base
• Hollow Cathode Lamps 51mm (2”) Diameter Single Element to suit Perkin Elmer
• Hollow Cathode Lamps 51mm (2”) Diameter Single Element to suit Perkin Elmer AANALYST
• Hollow Cathode Lamps 51mm (2”) Diameter Multiple Element’s to suit Perkin Elmer
Lamps to fit all leading Atomic Absorption Instruments including:
• Unicam    • Shimadzu    •Hitachi    •Perkin Elmer    •Varian     • Varian     • GBC     • Thermo    ​ • Analytik Jena

Vials, Septa & Caps
Cole-Parmer KX vials are the cost-effective choice for standard applications.

All vials are made from Type 1 borosilicate glass ensuring clean, precision fit vials with excellent chemical resistance.​
Cole-Parmer KX headspace vials are available with rounded or flat bottom profiles for accurate instrument compatibility. Flat bottom vials have a greater stability; round bottom vials are best for autosamplers that physically move the vials and can reduce positioning errors. The KX range offers 20ml volume vials to fit CTC, Agilent and PE autosamplers.​

KX VaporSafe™ Solvent Safety for HPLC​
From Solvent Delivery

​​KX VaporSafe™ Bottle Caps minimize hazardous VOCs evaporating from the reservoir into the laboratory, keep mobile phases clean and securely
connect the solvent reservoir with any HPLC system.

To the Organic Solvent Waste

KX VaporSafe™ Waste Manifolds contain and adsorb hazardous solvent vapours and connect the LC system safely to the organic solvent waste container, creating a completely closed solution.​

As exclusive distributors for Accustandard, in India, Kinesis are able offer the most comprehensive range of reference standards to meet all today’s analytical laboratory requirements.
With over 40,000 catalogue listed items plus a custom mix and synthesis service Kinesis provide high quality reference standards to all fields of analytical chemistry including organic, inorganic, petrochemical and pesticides.
Chemical Reference Standards:
• Organic    • Inorganic    • Petrochemical    • Quality Control

Syringe Filters
Kinesis KX Syringe Filters is a comprehensive range of non-sterile disposable syringe filters for reliable sample preparation. Reproducible membrane quality and automated manufacturing processes ensure particulates are removed from each and every sample, extending analytical column lifetime and
minimising injection port or valve damage.
​• Comprehensive range of membranes
• Colour coded for easy identification
• Solvent resistant housing with minimal extractables
• Leak-free Luer-lok and Luer connections
• Available with integral pre-filter
• Bulk pack options available
User-friendly storage options

HPLC Spares
Kinesis manufacture and distribute chromatography instrument spares and lamps under stringent ISO quality procedures, supplying to end-users, independent instrument service companies and through a worldwide network of distributors. In recognising the importance of maintaining the quality of the original product, Kinesis has formed partnerships with manufactures used by the majority of the leading instrument companies, supplying only the direct equivalent spares wherever possible.
As a company, Kinesis has developed strong relationships with many leading consumable and instrument manufacturers and this approach has led to
primary or exclusive agreements with many of the leading brands including Upchurch Scientiic and Rheodyne (now part of IDEX Health & Science),
Hamamatsu and Heraeus.​

Packed Columns
Column Unpacking And Inspection​

Unpack the column upon receipt and inspect for damage.
Minor bubbles or cracks may be seen in the packed bed upon arrival. These will not influence the column performance, and they should disappear during the column washing procedure.
Promptly report any damage or discrepancies to your supplier right away. Columns are warrantied for 30 days.​

All Omnifit Labware complete columns are supplied assembled and ready for use,w ith tubing and fittings to connect the column into an existing system.Three configurations are available:
• Non-adjustable with two fixed endpieces F(F)-a, co st-effective option when height adjustment is not important. Note:3 mm columns are available as F-F configuration only.
• One fixed endpiece as a bed support and one adjustable endpiece ( plunger) to adjust the bed height A(F)-T.he adjustable endpiece is designed to give the user fine control over the movement of the endpiece,m inimizing the risk of disturbance to the packed bed and giving 80mm of height
• Two adjustable endpieces A(A-)g iving maximum flexibility in bed height.W ith an adjustable endpiece at both ends of the column,th e user gains 160mm of adjustment,o ffering a wide range of bed lengths and volumes.​


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