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The nebulizer is a critical component of your ICP sample introduction system, whether your ICP laboratory is analyzing clean aqueous samples, samples containing HF and/or high dissolved salts, or volatile organic solvents; Glass Expansion has a nebulizer to suit your needs.

Spray Chambers

The spray chamber is a crucial component of the ICP sample introduction system, the Tracey and Twister cyclonic spray chamber, providing improved efficiency and reduced washout. Upgrade your ICP sample introduction system with a Glass Expansion Helix spray chamber

RF Coils

The Glass Expansions RF Coils represents the highest quality in design and manufacturing.

  • Regular replacement of corroded coils reduces the load on the RF generating system, extending the lifetime of the RF consumables.
  • Changing corroded coils increases energy transfer, resulting in a more robust plasma and generally higher analytical line intensities


  • D-Torch Demountable Torch
  • Fully Demountable Torch
  • Semi Demountable Torch
  • Fixed (one piece) Quartz Torch

Truflo TM Sample Monitor

  • Continous real-time flow measurement
  • Eliminates guess work
  • Sounds an out-of- range alarm
  • Reduces sample repeats
  • Ideal for sample introduction by peristaltic pump or natural aspiration
  • Suitable for all ICP-OES and ICP-MS models

Capricon TM Argon Humidifier

The Argon Humidifier is commonly used in ICP analyses involving samples with high dissolved solids concentration to prevent salt build-up inside the sample introduction system.
The Glass Expansion Capricorn™ combines ease of operation, high performance and safety, to provide uninterrupted and maintenance-free operation.

Nigara Plus Rapid Rins Accessory

The Niagara-CM begins the rinsing of the nebulizer and spray chamber the instant the sample measurement is completed and continues to rinse until the next sample is ready. Thus the rinse is carried out in the time that is usually wasted waiting for the sample and the rinse solutions to flow from the autosampler to the nebulizer.

Note : * Glass Expansion supplies ICP Consumables for following Manufacturers :- Agilent Technologies ,Horiba, Jobin Yvon, Perkin Elmer, Leeman (Teledyne), Thermo Fisher, Shimadzu, GBC , SII Nanotechnology, Spectro, Varian etc.



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