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Our product range includes a wide range of HPLC Consumables such as Syringe Filter, Solvent Filtration Kit, Filtration Kit, Mobile Phase Filter, Tube Cutters, SS Fittings and many more items.

 Solvent Filtration kit

  • Solvent Filtration Assembly SS (upper part) with 1 lit. Bottom Flask (Glass)
  • Vacuum Pump for above Model PCI-15
  • Max. Flow - 15 LPM, Vacuum - 22" Hg (554 mm)
  • Max. Pressure - 25 Psig, 1/20 HP
  • Nylon 66 Membrane Filter 47mm x 0.45μ, (Pk. of 100 Nos.)

Syringe Filters in Pack of 100 Nos.

  • 13mm Nylon Syringe Filter 0.45μ
  • 13mm Nylon Syringe Filter 0.22μ
  • 13mm PVDF Syringe Filter 0.45μ
  • 13mm PVDF Syringe Filter 0.22μ
  • 13mm PTFE Syringe Filter 0.45μ
  • 13mm PTFE Syringe Filter 0.22μ
  • 25mm Nylon Syringe Filter 0.45μ
  • 25mm Nylon Syringe Filter 0.22μ
  • 25mm PVDF Syringe Filter 0.45μ
  • 25mm PVDF Syringe Filter 0.22μ
  • 25mm PTFE Syringe Filter 0.45μ
  • 25mm PTFE Syringe Filter 0.22μ


Sample Filtration Kit

  • 13mm S. S. Filter Holder
  • 13mm S. S. Filter Holder
  • Rheodyne Needle
  • 5ml Gas Tight Syringe
  • Nylon 66 Membrane Filter13mm x 0.2μ (Pk. of 100 Nos.)


Mobile phase filter

  • S. S. Mobile phase filter step type
  • last drop mobile phase filter


Tubing’s for HPLC

PEEK Tubing and SS Tubing

  • Pconlab PEEK TUBING 1/16" X 0.25MM ID
  • Pconlab PEEK TUBING 1/16" 
  • X 0.5MM ID 
  • Pconlab PEEK TUBING 1/16" X 0.13MM ID
  • Pconlab PEEK TUBING 1/16" X 0.18MM ID
  • Pconlab PEEK TUBING 1/16" X 1.0MM ID 


SS Tubing

  • S.S TUBING 1/16" X 0.25MM ID
  • S.S TUBING 1/16" X 0.5MM ID 
  • S.S TUBING 1/16" X 0.13MM ID
  • S.S TUBING 1/16" X 0.18MM ID
  • S.S TUBING 1/16" X 1.0MM ID 


Tube Cutters

  • S. S. Tube cutter roller type for s. S. Tubing
  • PEEK tubing cutter for PEEK tubing(gelatin type)
  • PEEK tube cutter (blue) with extra blade


Peek Finger Tight Fitting/ Unions /Column End Plugs

  • PEEK Coupler for PEEKtubing’s
  • achined PEEK fitting
  • Molded  PEEK Fitting
  • Shimadzu make PEEK Fitting
  • Unions for HPL C  System washing
  • White , Blue, Black and Red coloured column end fitting s


Rheodyne Injector, Rheodyne Loop / Rotor Seal

  • Rheodyne injector - 7725i with 20μl loop & mounting bracket.
  • RHEODYNE LOOP SS SLIT 5μL, 10μL, 20μL, 100μL
  • RHEODYNE LOOP SS 200μL, 500μL
  • rotor seal - manual 7125-047
  • rotor seal - autosampler - 7010 - 039


Solvent Safety Cap for HPLC Mobile Phase Bottle

  • Bottle Caps minimize hazardous VOCs evaporating from the reservoir into  ​the laboratory, keep mobile phases clean and securely connect the solvent reservoir with any HPLC system.
  • HPLC Safety Cap is with two ports and four ports.


Pre Column filter holder and Frits

  • Precolumn inline filter holder.
  • Frits (2μ or 0. 5μ) for pre column filter holder (pack of 10)



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